Activating Human Brilliance

at Work


You know how most of the time we're just skimming the surface of our potential at work?

Well, I help leaders and organisations activate their true brilliance.

‚ÄúThe complexity of our time requires a greater and wiser use of our capacities. The world can thrive only if we can grow.‚ÄĚ

Jean Houston

Now more than ever before, we must come together to co-create workplaces where people can thrive, innovate, play and belong.  

By being true to our deepest selves, we liberate our highest potential and serve the greatest good. 

When we feel like we matter - not just for what we do, but for who we are - the benefits are real.

However, most workplaces, still have a long way to go.

  • 1 in 2 people are not willing to be vulnerable at work
  • 69% of¬†of culturally and marginalised women report having to 'act white' to get ahead
  • 45% of straight white men report 'covering' at work

"Places of false belonging grant us conditional membership, requiring us to cut parts of ourselves off in order to fit in."

Toko-Pa Turner

Hi, I'm Cassandra Goodman

And I'm so glad you are here.

Over my career as a global customer/employee transformation executive, it became clear to me that human potential is the most valuable, and yet the most overlooked resource in organisations today.

Today, I work with a wide range of clients to co-create workplaces that activate human brilliance.

I bring over two decades of senior leadership experience to my work, including being the Global Director of Employee Engagement & Experience at a Bupa where I was accountable for activating their purpose Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives for their 86,000 employees. 

I'm an accredited Thinking Environment¬ģ facilitator and trainer, an accredited¬†IFS-informed coach, the author of two books¬†Self-Fidelity¬†and¬†Being True, and host of the¬†True Power Podcast.

Jasmine Malki

Coach & former CPO

Cassie is a master at creating and holding space for her clients. This space is always free of ego, striving, hustle or judgement. It's truly a space to discover your best self.

Troy Lewis

Global Director, People & Culture, Hardie Grant

Cassie's Authentic Leadership Program consistently delivered a right balance of personal insight and challenge, and the perfect environment for our leaders to reflect and grow. I could not rate Cassie more highly as a facilitator.

Suzannah Le Bron


I encourage any leader who needs to reconnect with their true self to consider reaching out to Cassie.

Teresa Engelhard

Founder & CEO

Cassie is a talented facilitator who brings a winning combination of skill, purpose and passion to those she serves, whether in an individual or team setting.

Anthony Roberts

Chief Operating Officer

There comes a time in your life that you truly have to understand yourself in order to excel & thrive - success after all is an inside job. If you genuinely want to become a great leader then you simply must read Being True, better still, invest in yourself and engage Cassie as your coach.

Bill Sheffield

CPO, Westfund

The power of Cassie's approach comes from her extensive real-world leadership experience, and the depth and breadth of her toolkit. Above all she cares deeply for all she serves.

I have supported leaders across many organisations.

I can support you in a range of ways.

1:1 Coaching

For busy, big-hearted leaders.

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Transforming Meetings Training

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Anna Learmonth

CEO, Only About Children

Cassandra is a go-to thought leader and confidant of mine. In multiple organisations where I have faced into some curious cultural challenges, I have turned to Cassandra for her support.

David Ryan

CEO, SA Water

Cassandra is more than a thought leader - she is a living and breathing role model. She is real, she is present and her energy is contagious.

Renata Bernarde

Career Coach

Cassie's passion and sense of purpose are palpable. Her book Being True is a must-read for my clients and the masterclass she delivers as part of my program is an absolute highlight. She is a great storyteller, speaker, and coach. If you are looking for someone to inspire your workplace, look no further,

Kate Jarvis

Climate Finance Specialist, Asian Development Bank

The work of tending to my mental health can feel quite lonely. Your group coaching program has helped me to realise that I am not alone. As a result, I am far more motivated to keep going with putting small changes into practice.

Anna Andreoni

L&D Specialist, Origin.

Cassie delivered a workshop to 450 of our employees. I was totally mesmerised by Cassie’s engagement style and content. Her story telling skills are exemplary. She is at the top of her game!

Allie Mackay


Your books and program has made a profound difference to my leadership. I have found that the courage to speak from my heart and the confidence to be myself has allowed our team to be confident in their own selves.

"We will need a gathering of the potentials of the whole human race and the particular genius in every culture if we are going to survive our time."

 Jean Houston

My latest book Being True is a guide for curious big-hearted leaders.

"Being True is a must read for all leaders."

Dr Richard Schwartz, Harvard Medical School

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Dr Nadia Chaves

Infectious Diseases Specialist

Your program provides a great framework that helps us to be true to ourselves. I discovered that even if we work in high pressure environments, we can still be playful and bring joy! Thank you! I would highly recommend your program to other leaders.

Daniel Barallon

Financial Controller

Being True is an inspiring portrayal of true leadership and an indispensable guide for those aspiring to be their most effective self.

Debbie Ewington


I recently attended the Being True Masterclass which was a life changer. Being in the corporate world I always feel I have to change to try and fit in. In your session we learned that the opposite is in fact true, we need to be our authentic selves.

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By reconnecting to our deepest selves, we liberate our highest potential and serve the greatest good.

When you're free to be fully yourself, what sort of leader are you empowered to be?