Hi there, my name is Cassandra Goodman

But please call me Cassie.

You know how most of the time we're just skimming the surface of our true potential? 

Well, I help leaders activate more of their natural, innate brilliance.

Throughout my global executive career, I relied on the support of coaches to help me stay sane, take good care of myself, get back on track and like the person I was being at work, and at home.

Today, as an accredited coach, I love helping busy, big-hearted leaders feel more authentically empowered.

It's not enough to love what you do unless you also love who you're being while you do it. And it's hard to love (or even like) who you're being if you're not being yourself.

Leaders need more support

Being a leader today is incredibly challenging.

You're navigating situations and conversations you have never had to deal with before, in a complex ever-shifting landscape

Our 'new normal' demands new levels of support.

Leadership is tricky business

From the outside, it can look like you have it all together.

But inside, it's a very different story.

As an authentic leadership coach, I’m here to help.

You're not alone 

These are some of the challenges I support my clients to rise above:

‚ÄúI just can‚Äôt seem to get top of things, I'm constantly on the verge of overwhelm.‚ÄĚ

"I'm so sick of second-guessing myself - it's exhausting."

"People keep telling me I'm doing good job, but it just never feels like enough."

‚ÄúI'm not looking after myself - I‚Äôm just¬†trying keep my head above water.‚ÄĚ

"I've spent so long pretending, I really have no idea who I am anymore."

“I hate the way I'm being with the people I love the most."

Our sessions will be a brave space to speak honestly, explore your inner world - and get the support you need.

Imagine if you... 

  • Understood who you really are, at your core
  • Could finally rise above¬†feeling like an imposter
  • Were¬†activating more of your innate, unique potential
  • Trusted more in your ability to do hard things
  • Felt more alive, energised, clear and¬†confident
  • Could dig deeper in moments that matter
  • Felt¬†less overwhelmed at work and at home
  • Loved who you were being¬†at work (not just what you do)

"All these years, I thought I was taking good care of myself. Now, I see that I wasn't taking care of the little girl inside that felt that she had to be perfect to be enough."

Executive Coaching Client



The support you need to activate more of your natural brilliance

I'll meet you where you're at



I'll guide¬†you¬†to understand your essence - who you really are at your core - and¬†get to know¬†your different ‚Äėparts‚Äô, building a strong inner team.


I'll hold space for you to think afresh about challenges, illuminate constraints in your thinking and forge new pathways forwards.


I'll help you to understand the hidden competing forces inside of you that are working against the change outcomes you most want.


I'll support you to underpin your performance with vitality, to ensure personal sustainability and reduce your risk of burnout.




  • 4 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions¬†
  • Unlimited support between sessions (WhatsApp)
  • Essence Discovery diagnostic & de-brief
  • A signed copy of¬†Being True

Let's explore possibilities



Suzanne Le Bron


"I encourage any leader who needs to reconnect with their true self to consider reaching out to Cassie."

Prisca Ongonga-Daehn


"Thanks to Cassie's support and the skills she brings in creating a Thinking Environment for me, I have increased my capacity to process challenges in a healthy way and make better decisions."

William Sheffield


"Cassie is an authentic and intuitive coach. The power of Cassie’s approach comes from her extensive real-world leadership experience, the depth and breadth of her toolkit and her refusal to be bound by the dogma of any one discipline. Above all, Cassie cares deeply for those she serves – without reservation or judgement."

Allie Mackay


"Cassie, your support has made a profound difference to my leadership. I have found that the courage to speak from my heart and the confidence to be myself has allowed our team to be confident in their own selves. More leaders need to learn this!"

Kate Jarvis


"The work of tending to my mental health can feel quite lonely. Your coaching has helped me to realise that I am not alone. As a result, I am far more motivated to keep going with putting small changes into practice."

Tina Li


"Cassie has a unique way of knocking down mental blocks and getting me to see things differently, really pushing me to be my best. Cassie creates a space where my ideas can run wild, boosting my ability to lead and innovate."

Dan Remy


"After working with Cassie, I noticed a huge shift. Even my wife mentioned that she noticed a huge shift! I highly recommend Cassie as a coach for anyone who wants to elevate their career."

Jasmine Malki


"Cassie is a master at creating and holding space for her coaching clients. This space is always free of ego, striving, hustle or judgement. It's truly a space to discover your best self."

Anthony Roberts


"There comes a time in your life that you truly have to understand yourself in order to excel and thrive - success after all is an inside job and it all starts with you. If you genuinely want to become a great leader then you must read "Being True", better still, invest in yourself and engage Cassie as your coach."

Sally Pedlow


"Cassie has a gift for creating space for and guiding people to their true, wholehearted selves at work. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to uplift your working (and whole) life in tangible, lasting ways."

"The point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself."

Warren Bennis



Lasting change begins with new insights. Our coaching sessions become brave spaces to pause, reflect, think afresh and grow.


You'll develop a new toolbox of powerful, easy-to-remember evidence-based self-leadership practices that you can count on in moments that matter.


You'll leave each coaching session feeling more empowered and uplifted, and you'll experience a lasting shift in your leadership.


About me

My north-star is to meaningfully contribute to the activation of human brilliance at work.

I'm an accredited leadership coach, an accredited Time to Think facilitator, a Thrive Global Facilitator, a podcast host and a published author. 

My latest book Being True has been described "A must read for all leaders" by Dr Richard Schwartz, Harvard Medical School. 

I have over two decades of real-world business experience. I held the role of Global Director of Employee Experience at Bupa where I was accountable for activating Bupa‚Äôs purpose ‚ÄėLonger, Healthier, Happier Lives‚Äô for their 86,000 employees.¬†

I founded The Centre for Self-Fidelity in 2019 to support leaders across a range of organisations and sectors feel more authentically empowered at work.


Some of the organisations I have worked with:

"Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation."

David Whyte

Looking for coaching for your team? Read Ainsley's feedback.

‚ÄúCassie‚Äôs coaching support has been amazing in terms of accelerating on-boarding and early performance. Her support has also helped our more experienced leaders to continue to develop. Having Cassie's support has meant I can take a breath.‚Ä̬†

 Ainsley Johnstone, CEO and Founder, Think Talent


Let's Talk!

Let’s start by booking a free 45-minute discovery call so I can explain how my coaching services work and the benefits you can expect.


By reconnecting to our deepest selves, we liberate our highest potential and serve the greatest good.

By understanding and activating our unique essence it becomes possible to co-create work spaces where people can thrive, play, perform and belong.

Got questions?