Brilliant leaders bring out the brilliance in others.

Bringing out the best in others means knowing how to ignite their best thinking.

We spend most of our working lives in meetings. And the problem with most meetings is that fail to ignite fresh thinking - and the very time we need it most.

Skillfully designing and leading meetings to activate human brilliance is an essential capability for all leaders today.

This program gives leaders the capabilities to generate fresh, break-through thinking in themselves and others.

The skills taught are applicable to both online and in-person meetings. They work wonders in one-on-ones, leadership meetings and off-sites.

Transforming the way we gather and listen has the potential to transform our organisations.

"The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking."

Nancy Kline

Hungry for fresh thinking? 

Hi there, I'm Cassandra Goodman.

I'm a former global executive turned accredited Thinking Environment™ Trainer and Facilitator.

I love empowering people to activate their own brilliance - and the brilliance of those around them.

Do your meetings activate and amplify the brilliance of your people - or dull and diminish it? 

The Thinking Environment is both a framework you can learn, and a way of being you can practice.


Leaders must cultivate the conditions that allow people to do their best thinking - with rigour, imagination, courage and grace. 

By learning and ‘being’ the  components of a Thinking Environment™ you ignite the finest, freshest thinking in others.

Being able to create a Thinking Environment is an essential capability for all leaders today.

It's time to reimagine the way we meet

Do any of these sound familiar?

“We're not getting to the heart of the challenges we're navigating... so we're not making any real progress.”

“Our meetings are always dominated by the same people, we rarely hear from everyone.”

"We're really just skimming the surface of the true potential of the team."

"There is so much more I want to share, and think through in my one-on-one meetings - but we're always so rushed."

“We talk about psychological safety, but really, there's never an opportunity to share what I really think.”

“I know that I am not getting the best from my people, but I don't know where to start."

"If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be: 'meetings'." 

Adam Grant

You'll learn how to:

  • Shorten meetings and produce better results.
  • Apply the components of a Thinking Environment™ to the step-by-step running of meetings.
  • Craft agendas that create the conditions for break-through conversations
  • Create impressive levels of engagement of each person in the meeting, to generate their finest thinking.
  • Ensure robust, un-interruptive, creative conversation to deliver decision-making of exceptional quality.


A one-day in-house program for anyone who wants to transform the experience and effectiveness of the meetings they chair, design, facilitate or attend.

This training is also valuable for mentors and coaches.

The program’s experiential design means that whilst learning how to create and sustain a Thinking Environment™, participants are also thinking about the topics they most need to progress.

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  • Planning meeting (45 mins over Zoom)
  • Pre-work resources
  • 1-day training (in-person at your office)
  • Printed Transforming Meetings Workbooks
  • Bonus additional resources
  • Debrief meeting (45 mins over Zoom)
  • 4 people minimum (max 8 people) 

 Plus travel costs if outside Melbourne


“We will get to a new and better world with new and better thinking. Thinking that is the simplicity on the far side of complexity.”

Nancy Kline


Teresa Engelhard


"Cassie is a talented facilitator who brings a winning combination of skill, purpose and passion to those she serves. I found her 1-day Transforming Meetings Training super valuable. Not only will it help improve your meetings, team outcomes and interpersonal dynamics; the valuable set of techniques Cassie teaches will help you get the most out of any interaction with others.”

Alex Nguyen


“I left this training with was so much more than I ever imagined. I discovered a practice of communication that fosters creativity, collaboration, and learning. Somewhere on the journey we have lost our courage and ability to think for ourselves because no-one is truly listening. I will continue to refine and perfect what I have learnt and it will make me an even better leader for many years to come."”

Vanessa Banford


"Thank you for the most incredibly impactful training, I am so very grateful for everything I learned. I can't recommend this training highly enough!"


Ben Stapleton


"It was great to hear from a range of perspectives, learn about the power of questions and be reminded of the importance of calm, attention and space."

Prisca Ongonga-Daehn


"Thanks to Cassie's support and the skills she brings in creating a Thinking Environment for me, I have increased my capacity to process challenges in a healthy way and make better decisions."


Tina Li


"Cassie has a unique way of knocking down mental blocks and getting me to see things differently, really pushing me to be my best. Cassie creates a space where my ideas can run wild, boosting my ability to lead and innovate."

Samantha Solomons


“It was so valuable to learn about the ten components of the Thinking Environment. It was great to be able to practice chairing a meeting using the methodology - this was truly a fantastic learning experience Cassie - thank you!”


Kate Russell


"It was a brilliant session. Practical, engaging and inspirational learning. I am excited to apply what I learnt."

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About me

My name is Cassandra Goodman, but please call me Cassie. I'm an accredited Thinking Environment™ Trainer and Facilitator.

I empower leaders and teams to activate more of their innate brilliance.

I have two decades of senior leadership experience, including being the Global Director of Employee Experience at a Bupa where I was accountable for activating Bupa’s purpose ‘Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives’ for their 86,000 employees around the world.