Authentic Leadership Resources

These resources will support you on your unique journey towards authentic empowerment. Enjoy!

Podcast Guest Appearances

As much as I love hosting my True Power Podcast, I also really enjoy being invited to be a podcast guest. These candid conversations get right to the heart of what it means to be true to ourselves - in all aspects of our lives.

Self-fidelity & the secret to living an authentic life

I was thrilled to be invited to share the practice of Self-Fidelity on the Body + Soul podcast Extra Healthy-ish.

Duration: 18 mins

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How to BE yourself at work 

In this wonderful conversation with Paula Maidens we explore a broad range of topics relating to authentic leadership and the importance of activating our true brilliance in the business world.

Duration: 26 mins

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I'd Tell Myself 

I was thrilled to be invited by Danielle Frankel to share the advice I would give my younger self. It was a super powerful conversation.

Duration: 43 mins

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Being Your True Self at Work 

In this conversation with Julie Hyde I share my perspective on why people often lose touch with their true nature, trading authenticity for attachment during their formative years. We talk about the fact that these habits and stories need to be challenged so that we can operate out of our authentic nature and not base our identity on external factors.

Duration: 20 mins

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In this powerful conversation with Renata Bernarde, host of The Job Hunting Podcast I share the foundational practices that support us to be true to ourselves at work, and explain why putting the lid back of the ‘can of worms’ of our inner-work is really not a good idea.

Duration: 52 mins

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In this wonderfully uplifting conversation with Michael Ellis, host of A Satisfied Mind Podcast (for the curious), we explore the urgent and important inner work of leadership and why unacknowledged trauma in leaders can be a workplace safety hazard.

Duration: 88 mins

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In this conversation with Renata Bernarde for The Job Hunting Podcast we explore how reconnecting with our true nature and restoring faith in ourselves can be so valuable when we are transitioning between career chapters.

Duration: 82 mins

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Must-Listen Podcasts

These podcasts a great resources for anyone who wants to level-up the inner game of leadership.

Lael Stone - Parent Yourself First

(The Imperfects Podcast)

A powerful conversation about learning how to take care of the younger layers of self. 

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Dr Gabor Mate and Tami Simon


Healing into Wholeness in a Toxic Culture.

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Dr Richard Schwartz and Dr Rangan Chatterjee


This Therapy Changed My Life And It Could Do The Same For You: Internal Family Systems with Dr Richard Schwartz

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Dr Richard Schwartz and Tim Ferriss


The Tim Ferriss Show: Richard Schwartz — IFS and Finding Inner Peace for Our Many Parts

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