What is so frightening about freedom?

I recently heard Nancy Kline ask this question.

I have been thinking about my answer.

If I’m being honest with myself, I think what’s most frightening about freedom is that there’s no one else to blame if things go to shit.

And that perhaps, what’s most frightening is that if it all goes to shit, it’s proof that my greatest fear is true.

My fear that I am somehow not enough.

Not smart enough.
Not educated enough.
Not experienced enough.
Not savvy enough.
Not worth enough.

As a small business owner (and recovering over-achiever with an under-valued self), I must constantly remind myself that I am enough.

And that I have nothing to prove to anyone.

For me, this is a life-long practice of self-care and self-leadership.

On the days I remember to remind myself, the freedom of running my own business is more exhilarating than it is this frightening.

Perhaps you might like to ponder these questions…

💡What is frightening about freedom?

💡What assumptions am I making?

💡If I trusted in my enough-ness, how might I liberate myself?

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