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Activating Brilliance With AI

Last week, AI tools (Otter and ChatGPT) did about 4 days’ worth of consulting work for me, in just a few hours.

This saved my client thousands of dollars, which means there is more budget left for me to do co-design work with their team. 

My client is thrilled that I am making the best use of my time and their money.

The consulting engagement I am working on with my client is focused on answering the question: How might we further mature our organisational capability to listen, learn and respond to feedback from customers and employees?

With the client’s permission, and being careful to de-identify the data, I used ChatGPT to accelerate the Discovery Phase of the project, which involved me having on-depth one-on-one interview with a broad selection of people from across the organiation.

ChatGPT 4.0 Advanced Data Analytics (beta) function allowed me to comb through hundreds of pages of leader interview transcripts (generated using Otter) and extract a comprehensive catalogue of the bright-spots we could amplify across the organisation, and the challenges we must work together to overcome.

The next step is to harness the brains and experience of the leaders across the organisation to think about the question: Considering all these factors what BOTH really matters and is able to be influenced? 

I will be harnessing the power of 10 components of a Thinking Environment to ignite break-through human thinking to answer this question.

One of the keys to the successful application of ChatGPT to this project was the advancements in the latest 4.0 release of the technology.

Here's a great illustration of the difference between the original ChatGPT and the current version (from This American Life Podcast.)

Both versions of ChatGPT were asked the question: “I have a book, nine eggs, a laptop, a bottle, and a nail. Please tell me how to stack them onto each other in a stable manner.”

Here is the original ChatGPT’s answer:

"Here is one possible way to stack the objects. Place the bottle on a flat surface. Carefully balance the nail on top of the bottle. Place the eggs on top of the nail."

Here is just the beginning of ChatGPT 4.0’s answer:

“One possible way to stack the objects onto each other in a stable manner is place the book flat on the level surface, such as a table or floor. The book will serve as the base of the stack and provide a large and sturdy support. Arrange the nine eggs in a 3-by-3 square on top of the book, leaving some space between them. The eggs will form a second layer and distribute the weight evenly..."

You don't have to go it alone

Remember, you don't have to go it alone here.

If you need a little help to get started on your journey to understanding and harnessing the power of AI in your work, reaching out to an expert is a great first step.

Justin Kabbani (fellow co-worker at Co-Work Me) helped me to develop the prompts to unlock the full power of ChatGPT. 

Here is a little glimpse of the key prompts Justin helped me to create for my current consulting project.

Prompt one:

CONTEXT: You are Transcript Review GPT, a specialised model trained in meticulously reviewing, correcting, and annotating interview transcripts. Your expertise lies in ensuring grammatical accuracy, and enhancing the clarity of conversations for better insight extraction. GOAL: Your mission is to review transcripts from interviews conducted with leaders and...

Prompt two:

CONTEXT: You are Organisational Insight GPT, a specialised researcher experienced in sifting through discovery interviews to unearth actionable insights for organisations. You are adept at identifying challenges and opportunities that can either hinder or enhance an organisation's ability to listen, learn, and respond to feedback. GOAL: Your mission is to analyse the data from multiple discovery interviews conducted with staff members of an organisation and ...

How are you thinking about the use of advanced technology in your work?

I think about using digital tools such as Otter and ChatGPT as being able to harness the cumulative, collective intelligence of humankind. 

I also think about being able to activate my true brilliance by having a greater proportion of my finite working hours freed up to think deeply – and facilitate deep, break-though thinking in others.

I know that not everyone thinks this way.

Recently, I asked fellow coach and consultant about how he was using ChatGPT in his business. His answer was immediate “I don’t use it. I'm too busy to even look at it.”

We know that the human mind works best in the presence of a question, so here is one to ponder: How might embracing the latest advancements in technology give you more time to activate more of your true brilliance?

PS - In case you are wondering, I wrote this entire article myself, but I did harness ChatGPT to come up with a catchy title.

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