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Replenish, Relinquish, Restore

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If you're feeling depleted right now, know this: You are worthy of replenishment.

Life is crazy. And it sure seems to be getting crazier.

For so many of us, the feeling of depletion has become all-too-familiar.

When I'm depleted, I think about three threads of self-nourishment:

  • RELINQUISHING the things that feel heavy or constraining
  • REPLENISHING my mind, body & soul
  • RESTORING faith in my innate power and goodness

Next time you're feeling depleted, I invite you to make a cuppa, grab a journal and invest a few quiet moments reflecting on these burning questions.

RELINQUISHING: The practice of letting go

What are the things that feel heavy or constraining for me right now?

What do I feel ready to let go of?

How might I let go?

What might be my first small step?

REPLENISHING: The practice of letting in

What is the nourishment I most need right now?

Where can this nourishment be found?

How can I soak in this nourishment?

What might be my first small step?

RESTORING: The practice of letting be

How am I being when I am being most myself?

What is my true essence?

How might I activate this essence?

What might be my first small step?

The practice of self-fidelity can support us to restore faith in our true nature.

We get lost in the weather of our minds.

Yet above the thick cloud, clear sky always awaits.

We get pushed around by constant winds. Yet we can all learn how to find shelter.

We are held down by an invisible heaviness.

Yet we can gently let go of this burden.

We all contain a powerful lifeforce.

And by learning how to feed it, we are buoyed.

Remembering the truth of who we are, we lift.


By reconnecting to our deepest selves we liberate our highest potential and serve the greatest good. I’m a trusted guide for curious big-hearted leaders who want to honour the truth of who they are. I offer coaching, plus a range of programs, workshops and keynotes. 

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